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Our Physician-Initiated Self-Collection & Clinician Collected COVID-19 & Antibody Lab Tests for Employees Is Now Available.

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UDoTest gives employers and physicians access to self-collection and clinician collected COVID-19 and antibody tests from 15+ validated, quality labs with tests available (and growing).

We started with physicians.

Now, we want to help get employers back up and running.


How This Will Work

Physician Initiated 

While samples can be collected in the home, this is NOT direct-to-consumer home testing

IWe have almost every FDA EUA Authorized test available from our labs.

Whether it's a nasal swab, saliva specimen, blood, nasopharyngeal swab, dry blood spot, you name it, we'll have it. As tests get approved by the FDA, and quality checked by our experts, you'll have them available in your account

Tests Available To Employees Today:

On-site and at-home tests
At-Home COVID-19 PCR self-collected saliva specimen
At-Home COVID-19 PCR self-collected nose swab
COVID-19 PCR Nasopharyngeal swab by a clinician
COVID-19 PCR Nasal swab with healthcare supervision
Antibody blood test by a mobile phlebotomist

Tests In Development:

Rapid Test Kit Boxes (Perfect for large onsite workforces)
Pooled Testing
Personalized At-Home Health Boxes
Antibody self-collected, at-home dry blood COVID test


~Fast Results In 1 - 4 days
~Vast Lab Network of 15+ Labs Nationwide
~Quality tests with FDA EUA Authorization
~HIPAA secure Employer & Employee Portals
~Premium Lab and Test Access
~Results To All National Tests
~Physician Oversight
~Real-Time Tracking
~Built-In Redundancy
~Unique Employer Codes
~Priority Orders
~Documented Employee Explicit Consent


1) Starting from $99 for set-up and monthly management. Includes reporting, premium access, lab coordination and physician oversight.

Tests start at $125 each. Pricing may vary based on laboratory, test type (antibody/serology or COVID-19) and method (mobile phlebotomy or self-collection).

With Special Thanks

With special thanks to the physicians and organizations that donated their time and expertise to support our rapid response to COVID-19:

 John Mattison, M.D.
Assistant Medical Director, Chief Health Information Officer Emeritus, Kaiser Permanente
Faculty, Exponential Medicine Section

Kevin Kelleher, M.D.
Co-founder and Physician at Executive Healthcare Services

J. Rand Baggesen, M.D.
Founder and Medical Director of the Executive Health Group

 Jeffrey Gladd, M.D.
Practicing Physician and Chief Medical Officer of FullScript

 Robert Darling, M.D.
Former White House Physician
Founder of Patronus Medical

 Robert Sheeler, M.D.
Founder and Medical Director of Next Level Concierge Care
Former Editor of the Mayo Clinic Health Letter

 Bryan Glick, D.O.
Founder of the Integrative Health Institute


UDoTest Launches COVID-19 Employer Testing Platform

BOSTON, June 26, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- UDoTest, a Massachusetts-based software company focused on B2B at-home health screening, recently launched the first employer testing platform for COVID-19 which supports employers with key decision-making for employees upon a return to the workplace.


UDoTest Partners with Zenefits to Provide COVID-19 Testing with Payroll

BOSTON, July 16, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- UDoTest, a Massachusetts-based software company focused on B2B, at-home, health screening, today announced a partnership with Zenefits to offer small and mid-sized employers access to UDoTest’s fast, reliable, Employer Coronavirus testing service.


About Us

UDoTest was founded in 2014 to provide valuable clinical testing access to the underserved population of South Africa, while simultaneously connecting physicians, lab providers and consumers in a safe, convenient and compliant way.

Our first product was an “at-home Pap smear test” to help save lives amongst the many women dying from cervical cancer. We were honored with wide recognition for our impact and success in South Africa and many awards later, the company was accepted into an incubator in San Francisco in 2017.

Today, our laboratory partnerships include leading diagnostic providers such as Quest Diagnostics, Unilabs, Stage Zero, Alimetrix and many, many, others.

Our latest work has focused on providing technological infrastructure and support to insurers, physicians and laboratories as they launch initiatives to provide comprehensive self-collection lab testing for their patients and health plan members.

We strongly believe in transparency, service to our communities, giving back a percentage of all proceeds and in protected consumer data.

With the advantage of an existing, vast database of laboratories, UDoTest is uniquely positioned to rapidly and methodically quality-check them and bring them into our rapid-response COVID project as they validate their tests.

COVID-19 has permanently elevated the importance of virtual practice and the ability to support and empower patients remotely. We hope that our contribution and legacy as a company will be our leadership in enabling widespread and responsible use of home-collection laboratory testing.   

At-Home Lab Tests. Helping America Get Back To Work.