Self-Collection COVID-19 Lab Testing FAQ

Employer Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How quickly can we go live/be up and running on your testing platform?

We are onboarding employers during specific enrollment periods to manage and ensure testing capacity for our laboratories. Our current onboarding process takes approximately 5 business days. Please send a request to our email to be notified of the next enrollment date.

2. What is the cost of testing and how do the packages work?

Right now, tests cost from $125 upwards depending on what type of test you order. Employer packages include a one-time set-up fee, monthly account fee, and funds that will go into your “Testing Bank” which depletes as you order tests for your employees. We have flexible packages available for those unsure of their volume. However, we encourage forecasting your volume of tests so we can better secure them at the labs for you. You can add more funds into your “Testing Bank” to purchase more tests. You can also cancel at any time for a refund of the unused amount, but you will be charged a processing fee.

 3. Can an employer buy more tests once they run out of the initial deposit?

Yes, an employer can purchase more tests at any time by replenishing their Testing Bank.

 4. Do you accept credit or debit cards?

Yes, we accept all major credit cards. Payment is due at the time of sign-up for testing services by your company.

 5. Can an employer order both a Serology/Antibody test and a COVID-19/PCR Test for their employees?

An employer will receive a unique link to send to their employees so the employee can setup up their HIPAA secure patient portal. In the patient portal, the employee will order the tests requested by the employer, and use the coupon code provided by their employer so no charges are incurred by the employee.

 6. How does the employer place orders for their employees?

Once registering for an account the employer receives a unique employer code and link upon payment. The employer then provides their unique code and link for their employees to order the identified test(s) out of their ‘Testing Bank.’ Once an order is placed, UDoTest’s software finds the verified lab with the capacity to ship a test. Currently, if the employer would like their employees to receive both an Antibody test and a COVID-19/PCR Test, the employee will need to order each test separately.

7. What about results and turnaround times?

Once the lab receives the test samples, the results will be reported 24 hours to 4 working days later. The employer and employee will receive an email alerting them of the employee’s results being ready. Employers and employees will then log in to their own secure portals to view the results. 

8. How is a mobile phlebotomist scheduled?

The assigned lab will be in touch with the employee to schedule a mobile phlebotomist/clinician appointment. Typically this can take 24 – 72 hours to call and come out.

 9. How do you ensure that the labs used by your service provide the utmost quality?

We have many CLIA and CAP labs nationwide who are rigorously quality-checked. UDoTest has a 20+ Quality Control Laboratory Onboarding Procedure. The test(s) are processed in the same High Complexity certified labs used by doctors, clinics, and hospitals. All our laboratories tests are FDA EUA authorized.

 10. Is it a violation of HIPAA laws to share employee test results with employers?

In light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and the need for an informed and coordinated public health response, U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS) has declared a limited waiver on certain HIPAA privacy rules.

11. What about employee consent?

In addition, our testing platform will disclose and ask the employee to consent to the fact that the test results will be shared with the employer. The EEOC does require that the test results stay separate from routine employee records. Employers have secure access to all this documentation in their accounts. For more information:

12. How many tests are included for a team of 30 people?

You can order whenever and however many tests you need/want at a time. A monthly forecast is preferred as this allows us to secure tests for you with our labs, but it's not essential at this stage.

13. How often can an employee be tested?

As often as you want them to. They can only order one test at a time though.

14. Does the cost of the test get covered by insurance?

We provide an invoice that can be submitted to insurers for reimbursement.

15. If we needed to have weekly testing done for our staff that would be 60 tests per month / how would that work?

Yes, we can send you bulk tests to keep on-site and to use as you need. You can also have a mobile clinician/phlebotomist come on-site on a regular basis if you select the test that requires a mobile clinician/phlebotomist.

16. Do you have lab locations in Los Angeles and if so where?

Right now, no. The location of the lab is not important. Overnight shipping and result turnaround times are. In the future, yes.

17. Is testing in every state an option?

Yes, our service is national; one account for all your nationwide tests, managed in one place. Our platform can help anyone in all 50 states.

 18. What if my employees are interested to speak with a physician?

We utilize our physicians’ network to approve the administration of the tests. To discuss test results, it’s preferred that employees contact their own healthcare providers.

 19. How do the employer and employees get lab test results?

Once the lab receives the test samples, the results will be reported 24 hours to 5 working days later. The employer and employee will receive an email alerting them of the employee’s results being ready. Employers and employees will then log in to their own secure portals to view the results. 

 20. How do employers and employees know what the test results mean?

According to the CDC, if a test result is positive for COVID-19, employees should stay home except to get medical care:

Stay home: Most people with COVID-19 have mild illness and are able to recover at home without medical care. It is advised not to leave home, except to get medical care. It is also advised not to visit public areas.

Stay in touch with a doctor. Patients should call before getting medical care. Be sure to get care if you have trouble breathing, or have any other emergency warning signs, or if you think it is an emergency.

Avoid public transportation: Avoid using public transportation, ride-sharing, or taxis.

If the test results are negative for COVID-19, the employee probably was not infected at the time the specimen was collected. However, that does not mean the employee is not sick. It is possible that the employee was early in the infection at the time the specimen collection took place. The employee could test positive later or could be exposed later and then develop an illness. In other words, a negative test result does not rule out getting sick later. (Read more here)

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